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Branding the future of automation

The project

Nintex is an industry leader in intelligent process automation but struggled to achieve user loyalty. Engineering-focused messaging combined with an inconsistent visual identity left new audiences confused and current customers non-committal to fully adopting Nintex for all their automation needs. With a push to go public, Nintex needed a strong brand that would set them apart from the competition and digitally transform their business.

Assessing the landscape

To cut through the noise, we started with researching the direct and aspirational competitive landscape. We then identified how and where Nintex wanted to sit in the market to give us the foundation to craft unique brand strategies that could set Nintex apart.


Exploring the path forward

We found and explored different territories the brand could take. Each idea was put in mock situations to see exactly how the new brand would work across channels. Ultimately the first direction was chosen with favored elements from direction two and three.

Crafting a timeless mark

We brought their logo into a modern context while maintaining their heritage of the arrow in the X. The new geometric silhouette was made to work in all situations with different space and aspect ratios. To combat feeling to formal we also changed the letterforms to all lower case to instantly give the brand a more approachable feel. 

Old vs new Nintex logo


Defining the new brand

After thorough exploration and testing, we solidified the brand values, visual identity, and voice & tone into one marketing guidelines document. It was setup so the brand could flex and adapt as needs changed while still maintaining the core of what makes Nintex a best-in-class brand.

Bringing the brand to life across channels

We supported launching the new brand to their global customer base across multiple channels with an emphasis on digital, paid advertising, and social.

Sitemap | Working alongside their marketing leads, we clarified the information architecture and customer journey throughout site.

Web-comps | We built out all the templates, design patterns, and content for all the core pages of the new site.

Guided_Trial guided trials | We built a series of guided product demos for users to quickly see how easy it is to use and create on the Nintex platforms. The demos mimicked almost all in-product interactions like dragging & dropping new components into a process.

Video series | Created to demonstrate how process automation could streamline workflows in different solution areas.


Ebooks | We refreshed and redesigned all their tier one ebooks into the new brand.


Event collateral | We created printed advertisements, booth design, and swag for their tier one trade show presence.

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