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Launching a new consumer app

The project

Microsoft was looking to launch a brand-new application all about providing digital and physical safety for families call Microsoft Family Safety. They needed a marketing tool kit of hero creative that could be used across channels to create a unified user experience for families. With it being a new app, the main challenge we faced was balancing the emotional benefit the app could give families while also educating them on what the app looks like and its capabilities.

Creating the feeling of comfort in security

Just saying security puts people on edge that something bad can or will happen. Themes of showing what could happen or "we got your back" run rampant in this subject matter. We wanted to buck that trend. Instead focusing on what people feel when they are overwhelmingly secure, at ease and comfortable to do what they want and be themselves. To do this, we used these principles as our guiding light.


Following a family as they age together

To create a connected story, we primary follow one family member (Vanessa) as she and the family ages and face new challenges that come with growing up.


Use our main child's room as the stage

All the scenes are grounded in Vanessa's room to help immediately see that this is for families and who it helps protect. Btw... look closely and you can see it age with her.


Children and parents both love it

This could not be perceived as "parent overlord" type of app. With data showing that kids wanted protection from things too mature for them, they needed to find value too.

Finding the right visual style

When dealing with 3D, it takes hundreds of explorations in motion, materials, lighting, and composition to get things just right. Below are just of my favorite explorations that led to the final result.


Scaling the campaign

A huge goal was to ensure there was a cohesive visual through line for users. We partnered with various marketing and creative groups to create custom assets for web, a toolkit of hero stills, and social videos to get started with.


Modular tookit

We built an isometric version of all the assets in the video for the web team to leverage as a system of parts that they could mix and match depending on the conversation at hand.

Social kit

We built a set of custom cutdowns and stills of each feature section of the video that the marketing teams could leverage on social.

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