Brand: Microsoft Azure  | Art direction, UI/UX

Telling a global technology story

The project

Azure has one of the biggest global networks of datacenters powering its cloud in the world. They are making constant investments in expanding and enhancing the network to better serve their customers. The Azure marketing group aimed to create a digital experience that excited customers on the sheer scale of the network and all the continued investments they are making in reliability, security, sustainability, and their innovation efforts.

Starting with the right structure

To create a complete story of all that Azure is and will be investing in, we needed to say more than just the location of the data regions. We created the concept of "tours" to create space for users to learn about all the R&D, compliance, sustainability, and reliability efforts they are making.


Extending the Azure brand

Guiding our thought process as we moved into wireframes, functionality, and visual comps was how to bring to life Microsoft's Fluent system for Azure. Making objects that you can pick up and move instantly gives a sense of security and trust. To achieve that on the web we used a combination of 3D and 2D elements to give the messages the weight they deserve.


Exploring the final visual language

We explored both 2D and 3D visual motifs to arrive at the final exciting execution. Ultimately a more reductive approach to the map allowed the infrastructure to be the hero. Here are a few of my favorite explorations that led to the final.


Making the story interactive

Each Azure feature was romanced for the end user. Every action was given a delightful reaction. Even entering the site was given a trailer to introduce the user to everything that they can interact and learn about.

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